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A look at what it takes to be a blackjack dealer at Resorts World Catskills

I just wanted not to embarrass myself when Kubiak, an instructor for the Resorts World Catskills’ dealer school in Monticello, put my (nonexistent) blackjack and roulette dealer skills to the test one recent training day. Kubiak is in her 50s now, a self-proclaimed casino “lifer” who has traveled the country with her husband, also a dealer. She’s funny, kind, self-assured and unassuming playing blackjack alongside her students, as each takes turns dealing to ready for the Town of Thompson casino’s Feb. 8 opening. I, on the other hand, am a words guy, and while I was assured that a kid could do the cards games’ math, that wasn’t necessarily reassuring. So much did I, and my sisters, struggle at math, beginning around junior high, that our mother once told a seventh-grade math teacher that he should “bend over so far backwards to help my kid that you kiss your own (impolite word for butt).” You can imagine how much that helped our grades. The dealer school is a no-frills outfit in a strip mall, with undersized fake bills, a dozen or so billiard-green felt tables and more chips than the ShopRite next door.  >> See photos from inside the casino here “Yank the 10s out of the deck, and practice adding the cards," Kubiak said as she schooled me on assessing players’ blackjack hands. “Ooo, can you cut the deck? Can you show me how to shuffle? Can you help me slide the chip stacks?” I implored.

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