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Welcome to the First Day of Gaming School: Blackjack students hopeful for MGM Springfield Casino Home » Articles » Welcome to the First Day of Gaming School: Blackjack students hopeful for MGM Springfield Casino Angel Rivera, a table games instructor and supervisor for MGM Springfield, held a stack of 20 chips, or as what they’re referred to in the gaming industry as, “checks.” and told more than half a dozen students on Feb. 26, the first ever day of classes at the Massachusetts Casino Career Training Institute , that by the end of their six-week blackjack course they’d be able to count 20 checks using their muscle memory. Welcome to gaming school. “Blackjack is a six-week course,” he said. “Today, we’re just pretty much going over the basics — going over blackjack terminology, show them how to deal with the chips and work with their hands.” Angel Rivera teaches the basics of blackjack – Photo by Chris Goudreau The $950 million resort style MGM Springfield Casino will open its doors in September, but before that can happen the company needs to hire 450 dealers for poker, roulette, blackjack, and Midi baccarat, 35 percent of whom will be Springfield residents,  Marikate Murren, head of human resources for MGM Springfield, said. “As part of the gaming school, if you complete two classes you’ll have an automatic audition for MGM Springfield,” Murren said. “You’ll spend 10 weeks with our crack instructors here and then you’ll have that audition. If you pass that audition, you’ll be hired for MGM Springfield.” When asked how many students MGM Springfield would likely hire, she replied, “We want as many people going through this school as possible. We’ll have on call, part-time, and full-time positions, so we’ll need a lot of headcount to make sure that we can adequately staff the tables. If you’re a city of Springfield resident looking to do something different, we would encourage you to come into school.” The blackjack course at the gaming institute requires a total of 130 training hours as well as prerequisites such as a good attitude, basic math skills and the ability to pass a criminal background check, according to the institute’s website.

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